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Conform, or don't...

2014-03-20 00:21:11 by Falonefal

I don't care either way.


Well then...

2013-06-05 22:15:16 by Falonefal

I got sick of that huge last post taking up my page, so here's a caramel Katy Perry instead.

Well then...

Locked Thread.

2013-06-04 15:57:15 by Falonefal

Well someone made a post about not getting a girl he's been 'taking care' of who then proceeded to suck the cock of a dude who used to hate her when she was fatter and vice versa, I was making a post and then the thread got locked, fuck that shit I'm still posting it.


"This is why I just love humanity, I love how you can kind of imagine being her or him, and try to guess what they are thinking, obviously this is impossible for me to do in regards to the girl, I don't know how girls work, maybe some things they say are meant differently as opposed to how we mean them, maybe some things WE say or do have different meaning for THEM, or maybe one just has to accept that the more alpha you are the more chance you have at getting with a girl.

Ever think about why 'douchebag alpha' males often appear to treat girls in a less romantic way, and be less wimpy about the whole thing? It's because they know they can get another girl, and they know they're attractive, so all that 'eternal love and commitment' thing isn't as important to them as to most of you wimpy kids, they don't fear it, this is essentially their downfall as well.

Just as being overly romantic and kind is ALSO the downfall for you overly wimpy kids, the only way to have a healthy relationship nowadays is, as it is with anything, to find a combination of the two.

Eventually it is your fault you didn't get her, people are reactionary, you do something - you get a response, and you got to know a person to know how to act to get the responses you want.
In the end, best friends are the greatest manipulators of each other in the world.

This concludes this episode of 'Weird Connections'."

Locked Thread.

Give me one, two, three...

2013-03-26 10:13:53 by Falonefal

Come on baby dance with me...

Give me one, two, three...

Time is running out...

2012-05-25 13:50:34 by Falonefal

The days are becoming longer but my time is coming short...
Counting down...

26... 25... 24... 23... 22... 21... 20... 19... 18... 17... 16... 15... 14... 13... 12... 11... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0... It was fun guys.

Time is running out...

Fuck on a Stick

2012-05-16 10:36:11 by Falonefal

So my friend Sytze (same name on Newgrounds) and I made a music video for one of his songs.

If you took about 5 dozen eggs, started putting them in a bowl, mixed the FUCK outta them, then this is what you'd get.


The link if the embed thing fails:


2012-04-16 09:45:22 by Falonefal

SOME SUPPORT BY VIEWING THIS SONG AND LIKING IT LIKE CRAZY :D(Or disliking that actually also helps lol) :D

He's seriously a cool guy, way cooler than I could ever be.

EDIT He made a couple of new songs but this one is FANTASTIC.


2012-04-15 04:43:14 by Falonefal

Heretic was the best fucking game ever, fuck it.


2012-03-19 20:14:39 by Falonefal

Seriously, Bastards.


2012-01-10 18:29:15 by Falonefal

Cherish it.